Importance of Energy Efficiency

It wouldn’t take a lot of persuasion for managers and clients to understand the importance of energy efficiency and being able to easily analyse performance. The benefits of being able to monitor and reduce energy are easily seen.

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Financial Benefits

The cost savings a business can make can be quite substantial which results in lower operating costs and in turn makes the business more competitive.

Reputation & Carbon Footprint

TA company can therefore improve and gain a good reputation by having carbon reduction strategies.

Environmental Benefits

By being more efficient this results in gains for the environment as a whole as well as the organisation achieving the reduced fuel usage.

Legal Reasons

There are so many pressures and legislation in place and they are only going to get tougher.

Our Principles


Sustainability & Efficiency

We at BMS Energy Controls have sustainability and energy efficiency at the core of our principals. Not only is it important to us but we also feel it is important to help our customers improve their energy efficiency.


Intelligent Programming

We utilise intelligent programming and our skilled engineering team are trained to understand how to achieve this.


Performance Analysis

We also utilise Priva TC Energy which can be integrated within the BEMS [Building Energy Management System]. This is a subscription based service tool, good for analysing performance and reporting.

An Integrated System

Priva Building Management Systems are energy management ready, which means that only limited engineering and investments are needed to get started. TC Energy collects all the energy data from the building management system and converts it into graphically- illustrated easy-to-use reports.

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Priva TC Energy website being used by BMS.

Benefits of TC Energy

Web-based, convenient and easy to use.

Available near real-time data on electricity, gas, heating, cooling or water.

Priva Building Management Systems are energy management ready; only limited engineering is needed.

Graphically-illustrated, easy-to-understand reports.

Interactive graphs with zoom function for detailed insight and analysis in various time periods.

Secure data centers, plus password encryption of the TC Energy website, mean that all information is fully protected.

No separate energy monitoring system or complex interface required.

Graphically-illustrated, easy-to-understand reports.

Other Services


Maintenance & Support


BMS staff are very knowledgeable and approachable and can diagnose problems quickly. They are very professional in communication issues to us and our clients.

Paul Threlfell Business Manager for Linaker Livingston & Leeds