We pride ourselves in the quality of our installations

It is surprising how many times we have had to correct things after other companies have carried out new installations or retrofits.
In some instances there seems to be either a lack of knowledge on the installers or perhaps not spending enough time on it; either way we find this unacceptable as we pride ourselves in the quality of our installations.
This means making them as neat as possible and making sure every BMS element connected to the system is checked through thoroughly
It also involves proper preparation and carrying out tasks in a structured and methodical manner.

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An example of a system fitted by BMS Energy.

We use the latest state of the art products and favour the Priva Blue ID system.

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Intelligent Programming

We believe that by spending the time researching the systems and listening to the customer needs that we can carry out structured intelligent programming. We have carried out intelligent programming in a number of new upgrades, this can be self test functionality to energy saving programming.
The wiring is carried out to the base modules whereas the modules themselves are clicked in place afterwards and therefore if at some time in the future one goes faulty it can simply be removed and a new one clicked in place without having to carry out wiring alterations.
The modules are keyed and colour coded so can’t be inserted into the wrong base. They are also hot swappable so no need to remove power when changing a unit. There are also module versions with override buttons if require to simply override the outputs.

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Using a computer at BMS.

We use cloud subscription services

The other exciting aspect of this system is that there are a lot of available cloud subscription services such as:

Remote Priva Alarms

TC Energy

BI Metrics

Remote Management

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The Priva System

The Priva System is also at the forefront of technology with regards to open protocol and integration so can easily communicate with other 3rd party systems.
When the sites are currently occupied and an a BMS retrofit upgrade needs to be carried out this needs to be done with minimum disruption and through our years of experience and high engineer skill set we are accomplished at making changeovers whilst avoiding disruption.
Here is a site where they have 4 x 96 point Satchwell controllers that are obsolete and these boxes are very compact with not far off 400 points on the one panel.
The first image is before the upgrade and second image is right after the upgrade.
As highlighted our preferential system is the Priva Blue ID system due to the major advantages it has but we also carry out some other installations on other systems if required and we also carry out these installations with thoroughness.

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An example of a system fitted by BMS Energy.
An example of a system fitted by BMS Energy.

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Over the past give years we have used BMS Energy on multiple sites carrying out maintenance, reactive and projects. We have found their technical knowledge on various Building Management Systems second to none.

Paul Threlfell Business Manager for Linaker Livingston & Leeds